Product Roadmap 2024

This is going to be big.

This year is going to be full of great new stuff that will help your business grow. We have some goodies for you, but most noticeably we’re going to expand international payments, bring great new feature – persons and totally new app to Zooza family.

We’ve prepared this roadmap with the best intentions but all features are subject to change.


Payments update

We’re going to upgrade international payments with support for automatic payments processing in 13 european countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia).

On top of that, we will expand ability to use online payments to all european markets.

Billable events/terms

Each group will have specified number of billable events/terms. This way you’ll be able to have more events or terms within group (replacement events for example won’t count as billable). This is especially useful for courses that are recurrently sold as packages.

Events and Groups redesign

We continue with redesigning older parts of the application with goal to give you more clarity, flexibility and speed. None of these redesigns are purely cosmetic, and this one is no exception. You’ll get better batch processing for events, easier group management and reports.

Memberships version 1

At last we bring the simple membership functionality into Zooza. With this feature, you’ll be able to sell monthly memberships to your clients and give them automatic access to your Video or Document library and Courses



This is the big one. Persons will be a new entity that will store any kind of information about your clients. You will be able to fully build your own templates for persons and assign automatic relationship tracking between them. Also you’ll be able to map custom field to person fields. We believe that this will be a transformational change for the way you deal with customers. We will roll out persons in multiple steps so be prepared:)

Customer Profile Redesign

We will bring a new dashboard and various enhancements to customer’s profile on your website. The most noticeable change is that instead of just listing the courses one by one, we’ll extract useful information from each course your client is attending and display them at a glance.


Better Product Management

We plan to upgrade product management so that it is more useful and provide more functions. Notably we’ll introduce new type of product item – Accomodation. So when you’ll sell your winter ski camps, you’ll be able to include accomodation options directly within the registration form.

Franchise App

Brand new app to Zooza family that will help you manage your franchise lifecycle. From acquiring new franchisees to reporting and benchmarking.

Custom term reservations

We will bring feature similar to custom replacement terms for regular terms. You’ll simply specify times when users can book your time and they will be able to do so from the registration form. This is useful for situations when you want to declare your availability up front without need to enter each time slot into the app individually.



Zooza will automatically contact your clients before their course will end and ask them whether they want to continue or not. Should they want to continue, Zooza will handle their responses and process them automatically.

Better invoicing

At the moment you’re able to only create invoice on individual registrations or orders. We’ll add an option to invoice whole groups or by your custom criteria. You’ll be also able to limit invoice’s value by billable events.

…and even more minor or major improvements…