This widget is used to place the registration form on the customer’s page.

You can edit it in the settings of the registration forms.
Registration widget settings


The absolute path to the place where the registration widget will be placed. Other related Zooza services will link to this URL.

In particular, the calendar widget and email services such as Confirmation of registration or unsubscribing from the appointment.

Widget customization


Within the registration widget, it is possible to limit the offer of courses by filtering the offer:

document.zooza = {
filter_courses: [814,1232,1180,1238,1235,1229,1540,1244]

In the document object, it is necessary to create a zooza object with the filter_courses parameter. This parameter expects the course ID field in Zooza.

Query parameters

The widget can be initialized through query parameters:



Changes the default widget language.

Enum: sk-SK, en-EN, cz-CZ, de-DE, pl-PL, ro-RO



Presets the active course. If the widget detects a valid course ID, it will preset this value in the course selection.



Presets the active location in the location selection.

Place ID is entered either separately or in the form of PID (combined with a specific room)


Location: ZŠ Ružinov. Place ID: 10

Room: Small gym: Room ID: 11

The PID for the Small gym room will therefore be: 10_11

Place id: 10.

If it is necessary to preset the widget for a specific room, it is necessary to always use the PID format.



Presets the active group in the group selection.


These three parameters must follow in the given sequence. For example, it is not enough to enter only the group ID and expect the corresponding course_id and place_id to be set automatically.

Accepts a value of 1 or true. This radio button will hide the preset values in the form. Instead, it displays a recap of those elements that are hidden. So there is no need to hide all three options: course, place, group. This prevents the user from changing the pre-selected course, place or even group.