You can add multiple widgets on single website

There’s no limit how many times you can embed the registration form or calendar and checkout to your website. There’s probably no need to insert multiple instances of profile, video widgets, but it totally makes sense to have multiple registration forms.

Consider these usecases:

  • You have single point of registrations, where all your courses can be filtered and registered to
  • Then you might have a landing page for each individual course. You might add the registration form at this page without the need to click any further. Your customers can register directly from the landing page.
  • If you pre-select more than one course_id, the registration will be even easier.
  • The same applies for calendar – you can filter out individual courses and therefore provide clearer view targeted for certain course.

Approach to integrating Zooza

Typically there are three ways how Zooza is being integrated into websites:

  • Registration centric approach
    • This means that the entry point for all customers is one single registration form, where all traffic is driven.
    • This single form can be preselected (coming from landing pages for individual courses)
  • Calendar centric approach
    • Traffic to registration form is driven through calendar
  • Landing page approach
    • Individual landing pages for each course/product show pre-selected registration form and typically also contain calendar.


Sometimes, some companies even do combine multiple of these approaches together. None of them is considered more advantageous than the other as each company is unique and has different audience. If in doubt, start with Registration centric approach and build from there.

What widgets you need?

At bare minimum, you should use Registration and Profile widgets.

But here’s the list of all widgets and what they do:

  • Registration widget – collects registrations
  • Profile widget – a customer zone for all the information about registrations, payments and orders
  • Calendar widget – public view on your calendar
  • Video widget – this is used to securely play videos that you can either sell, or provide as free training material to your customers
  • Checkout widget – used to sell products (e-books, videos, services, memberships, or any other service)