Attendance and Self-service replacement lessons

The person interested in the course clicks on the mobile phone to log out of the class, chooses a substitute according to the settings, and the lecturer records the attendance on the mobile phone. Simple as that. No extra messages or phone calls. And you have a 100% fair and perfect overview. TOP also suitable for individual or corporate lessons.

Attendance and self-service substitutes save everyone time

Attendance, the only concern of your lecturers

Everything else is handled by the system. Lecturers can track attendance on their mobile phones, they always have an overview of who is coming to class, who is getting a replacement. He can also handle notes for himself or clients while attending.

Replacement lessons are operated by the clients themselves

The Zooza platform extends your website with a registration form and a profile for client directly on your website. He is not leaving it at any moment. They will choose their own replacement lessonsaccording to the set rules.

Everything on your website and without a password

It is the latest technology. Everything adapted for mobile, we understand that neither you nor your clients have the time or space to deal with it in any other way than on mobile. At the same time, everything happens on your website so that it has a relationship with your brand and project, not with the system.

And what's the best part?

Better fulfillment of lessons

Thanks to the replacement lessons, your days are filled and the lecturers/trainers and the premises are sufficiently occupied.

One million visits of the profile

Your clients like to visit your profile, because there they have a complete overview of everything, the number of replacements, attendance, communication and payments.

Perfect comments

Your clients will love you for it. Notifications are sent to e-mail and a click-through leads to your page in the customer profile.