Zooza is ideal for courses where the relationship between the participant and the course organiser is long-term. These are mainly regular group meetings with attendance history, payments, offering alternative lessons. Thus it is particularly ideal for language courses, skills courses, children’s group sessions, regular individual sessions, swimming classes or dance classes. Of course Zooza can also handle classic group sessions for yoga, pilates or other movement sessions.

It can be used as a system for organizing family centres and leisure centres.

We understand that technical proficiency cannot be an issue. We design the platform to be clear and simple. We are constantly preparing tutorials and simplifying it for you. But most importantly, we’re always available if you run into anything.

We transfer clients to the Zooza with ease. We have prepared precise procedures for this. We know from experience that your clients will appreciate it.

Plenty of SMS and mails are available to you within the individual packages. You can buy SMS at any time for a really low amount. See more in the price list.

Even Zooza can generate invoices. If you want to stay in your invoicing system it is possible to integrate them.

Maybe it’s that Zooza helps those projects that are organizationally capable. In that case, Zooza will help them wonderfully. Maybe Zooza won’t solve all the problems and doesn’t mean the work will go away. Zooza is an assistant who will assist very well, but relationships, community building, or product improvement remains in your hands. If you’re afraid of price hooks, there’s really no unpleasant surprise here.

It’s a lot less than you would think. Until a few months ago it cost hundreds of euros a month. We realized that we had a finished product that already serves projects to save time and energy to improve their services and especially to build relationships with their community and their clients. And so today it costs only a few tens of euros. Included are new services and enhancements that we bring monthly and friendly support that is always available to you. We’ll be happy to show you how, for a better understanding, in a short 15 minute online session. Of course, we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

So that’s awesome and we’re glad to hear that, it’s not the standard. In the meeting with us, you can just confirm this and at the same time, in 15 minutes, we might give you inspiration on how other similar projects are doing it and bring more to your current project. Our meeting is free and 15 minutes can save you a lot of money and time in the future.

When you watch a session that lasts 15 minutes you quickly understand that it really is going to be painless. We’ve done it dozens of times and the feedback has been great. This is because we make the platform practical and easy to understand. It’s built on years of experience and comments from projects like yours.

1. We deploy Zooza on your website. If you don’t have a website, we will make one.
2. We will set up the account and the first offer in the quick training.
3. Try Zooza on the first 10 unique customers absolutely free
The whole thing can take less than 24 hours.