Intelligent assistant of courses

Manage your courses simply, automatically and via mobile with the Zooza assistant, which will change the way you manage registrations, attendance, spare hours, payments and communication.

mobile smart course asistent

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More fun with courses. Less administration

Free your passion from paperwork

Why give up free evenings and holidays? With our intelligent course assistant, you can arrange everything easily via mobile – you and your clients. Do not engage in repetitive and boring tasks. From registration to payments, Zooza will provide you with the perfect support and overview of your course, stress-free and worry-free.

A revolutionary change in replacement lessons

Discover a revolutionary replacement watch system that surpasses all expectations. Our self-service platform allows clients to easily and conveniently arrange spare hours directly in their profile. They no longer need to bother the lecturers and waste time with endless phone calls and e-mails. We are proud to offer the best replacement clock system on the market strong , which gives you perfect control and freedom when organizing courses.

A natural part of your website

Our unique technology is a silent companion that discreetly enters your website and becomes part of your website. No more searching for client passwords, unnecessary e-mails or long phone calls. With simplicity and convenience, your candidate for the course registers, manages his calendar, profile and purchased courses, spare hours and payments directly on his phone on your website. And here’s the best part: Our course assistant, Zooza, provides you with this technology that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

You will immediately feel

More clients

You will get more completed registrations thanks to a simple form with a clear offer. Along with the copy registration options, you won't lose either.

80% less administration

Paperwork, spreadsheets and manual entries are now a thing of the past. The registration form records everything reliably, so you get a perfect overview of your courses.

95% fewer unnecessary questions

All the essentials are included in your new client profile on your website, where they are clearly available for your clients. This will give you space for more substantial tasks.

Better money collection

Sometimes parents forget, sometimes the project escapes from sight. Zooza gives you insight and help even on this sensitive topic.

Based on feedback from clients.

Do what you love about courses, not administration.


Lean on us, we’ve been here for over 7 years.


Zooza has processed tens of thousands of registrations, payments and invoices.


It will send Zooza automatically every month so you don’t have to.

Michal Dodok

Co-founder of the Zooza platform

Zooza was created in response to the amazing stories of people who pass on their knowledge and experience to their surroundings. They support children in their personal growth, parents in their quest to provide the
the best for themselves and their children.
They support people who know that personal growth is the only sustainable way to make the most of their lives.

The main role of course creators is to develop the project and build relationships, not to spend hours a day on administration.

We have seen good projects come to an end because passion has disappeared at the expense of administration;

That’s why we’ve developed a platform that goes far beyond a booking engine. It is a real automatic
a virtual assistant that will do everything that can be automated and simplified instantly.

Not at the expense of the client relationship and product quality, quite the opposite.

We are proud when we see projects with our platform grow, but especially when we see satisfied clients
with a smile on their face. We are fascinated by what they can do.

There is hope for our society and humanity and we are glad to be part of this story.