Creating an open course

To create an open registration, do the following:

  • In the Courses tab, click on Create a course
  • Select Offer Type – Meetings and then the Adult offer
  • After clicking Continue, enter all the basic details and click Continue again.
  • Then create the group(s) according to your wishes by clicking the Add button and fill in the required data for the group. You can create multiple groups at once. Click Continue again to go to the next step.
  • Fill the group with dates according to your wishes, if you can determine them right away. Groups need to be filled with terms individually. If you don’t want to create dates, the group will be created as the group – Interested and you can add dates afterwards.

Note: The set price for the course is then added up as the price for one term. So if you set a price of 20 euros per course, it means that one term of the course will cost 20 euros.

How does the client manage attendance in their profile?

With this type of registration, the client manages his/her attendance in his/her profile. This means that he chooses the actual dates he wants to attend within his profile.
The client accesses their profile by signing in via your website. He will then be shown a list of the courses for which he has registered.

After clicking on the selected course, the client will be presented with a list of dates for which he/she is already registered or has already attended or unregistered (if he/she has not attended or has not registered for any terms, this list will be displayed as empty).

To sign up for a new term, the client must click on the Sign Up Term button.

The client is then presented with a list of appointments, where they can also see their current availability and the option to sign up for it.

When the sign in button is clicked, the selected appointment will be displayed in his attendance and a payment instruction will be automatically generated. The client can find the payment details and its status in the Payments tab within their profile.

Note: The client is also automatically informed of each appointment selection by a notification email.

The client also has the option to unsubscribe from the appointment by clicking the Sign Out button within his/her attendance. The organizer has the possibility to make this setting for the client. By opting out of the term, the client’s obligation to pay is cancelled, in other words, the debt is reset to zero.

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