How to change client data?

There are two ways to change the details of a client or registration.

Change client data

If you request a data change at the client level, this will also change the data on all registrations that the client has created with you. For example, if you request a name change, it will change on all registrations. This change is made directly in the client card.

Changing the client’s details is done via a request that you send to us via the app. You are always informed by notification e-mail about the creation as well as about the approval or rejection of your request.

Why was the application rejected?
We may refuse your application for two reasons:

  • the form sent out contains data that is incorrect (with errors)
  • if it is a bulk overwrite of a client’s registration

Client change/registration change

Changing a client, or in other words overwriting a registration, may at first glance appear to be the same as changing a client’s details. But it’s the opposite, in the sense that when you change the client, you’re just overwriting the registration under a different client than the one that was originally created. Thus, it is not a change of data on all its registrations, but only an overwriting of one registration. The only condition of the override is that the client you wish to overwrite must be registered as a client and thus have another registration of any/all status.
This change is made in the registration details.

The detailed procedure for both changes can be found in the manual.

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