How to navigate and search payments?

The Zooza app offers you an overview of all payments across all registrations and courses. You can search for individual client information or view how many payments you have received or returned in a given period.

Total payments overview

You can find an overview of payments in the Payments tab. When you click on the payments tab, you will see a total summary of payments received and returned, the total amount of payments received, how many payments were made online, how many payments were not paired, which rates were top and a lot of other information you need to know for your business. You can customize this display by setting the period for which you want to view the data.

Overview of payments received

You can view information for specific courses/groups or individual registrations in the Payments Received report.

A filter is available to display the requested data to help you in your detailed payment search. You can set the following parameters in the filter:

  • Variable symbol – according to the variable symbol of the payment
  • Source of payment:
    • Manual entry – manually entered payments within the application by the administrator
    • Zooza – payments entered by the app (for example: instalments resulting from a payment plan or card payments)
    • Import from the bank – matching of payments made via uploading a csv file
    • Automatic matching – matching of payments made via email notifications
  • Payment method:
    • Cash
    • Bank transfer
    • Payment by card
  • Payment status:
    • All – all payments
    • Paired – paired payments with registrations
    • Unpaired – unpaired payments with registrations
    • Ignored – payments that have been set as ignored by you because you did not want them to be matched (for example: it is a payment for other services that you do not want to be listed in the app)
  • Payment Category:
    • Payments for courses – payments for courses
    • Payments for products – payments for products (e.g. videos)
  • Period – accepted from – to
  • Drawer – payment category/label

After searching for the required payments, you will see a list of payments in the right part of the screen with a detailed description and the option to view the payment in the registration, where you can further work with the payment. More information on how to work with payments can be found HERE.

Export of received payments

You can export received payments according to the criteria you specify in the filter as follows.

In the Payments Received section, set the individual parameters in the filter and click first the Search button and then the Export button at the top of the screen.

The export will be displayed in excel format, which you can further work with according to your needs.

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