What is the outstanding amount?

When each registration is created, the amount owed will be created at the same time. This amount is used to track whether the registration is paid or not.

If the course-group is free of charge, the registration debt is zero.

It is important to note that this amount owed does not change automatically thereafter. So, for example, by adjusting the price of a group or course, you will not change the amount owed on registrations that have already been created.

This is mainly because if the amount of the exchange rate were to change over time in this way, even historically old registrations would suddenly become outstanding because the amount of payments made would not match the amount owed.

It follows that the amount owed does not always have to match the price of the course-group.

What is the amount owed not?

The amount owed has nothing to do with reimbursements. It is not an arrearage, nor is it a “debt” in the form of a reminder, interest on arrears and so on. This is the amount you expect the customer to pay you for the registration.

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