Swimming project for children: our customers also appreciate having more insight

Swimming is an extremely popular and important activity in the development of a little person. Finding quality swimming can be quite a nut to crack. It is really difficult to run them, because of the space, cleanliness, health, comfort, and that too in the company of an experienced lecturer.

Thanks for the fact that there are passionate people who are captivated by this world and devote their energy to it. Among the progressive and successful swimming for children is also the Babyswimming Čľupko project.

They are characterized by a human approach with a willingness to constantly improve the quality of services.

Zooza makes it easier for clients and us to choose replacement lessons

“We were looking for a program that would make it easier for us and our customers to opt-out from lessons, and at the same time they themselves can find an alternative lessons for a day when it suits them and we don’t have to burden them with text messages.”

That’s why we are excited and happy to be able to support this project as well.

“Zooza mainly relieved us from calling and texting about replacement lessons. Our customers also appreciate the system because they have an overview in their profile of how many replacement lessons they still have available. Thanks to Zooza, we can create courses, communicate with parents, track how many children have opted out, and even send parents invoices for our services.”

Mima a Katka
instructors and owners of the Babyswimming Čľupko project

Babyswimming Čľupko is the perfect projection that constantly pushes the possibilities forward. Highly recommended.

The project from Zooza mainly uses:

  • Registration form
  • Registration calendar
  • Continuous groups
  • Client database with filtering
  • Attendance with replacement lessons
  • Client profile with payment overview
  • One-off payments
  • Hourly payments for open hours
  • Email and SMS communication
  • Scheduling of venues and lecturers
  • Reporting
  • Invoices


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