Top Features for Courses

Zooza is platform for courses that you can easily put on your webpage. It will support the management of your educational project, course, club or language school.

It will lighten your day-to-day communication, organisation and increase your visibility of clients and payments. Like many of our existing partners.

DEMO: How the application looks like inside (explanation for admins)

Attendance tool and replacement lessons

The person interested in the course via mobile clicks that he/she is checking out of the class, according to the settings he/she chooses a substitute and the lecturer records the attendance in the mobile. Also simple. No extra messages or phone calls. And you have a 100% fair and perfect overview. TOP also suitable for individual or company lessons.

Better registration for courses on your website and mobile

A person interested in a course visits your website, chooses the course they want to attend. In the mobile, he fills in the data and information you need, signs the consents. The form guards capacity, creates a waiting list or informs about important information. It can collect payments directly and organises the prospective student for the course after registration. Automatically and without extra phone calls.

Client Zone on your website and without a password

Your prospect logs in via their email to their profile on your website. It has all the courses, and information about them, upcoming classes, replacement lessons, and a payment summary with notifications. You can download documents or watch videos securely. And of course via mobile.

Other functionalities won't sit in the corner either

Better money withdrawal

Whether by card or cash, you always have an overview. Our clients report that their money withdrawals have improved since they started using Zooza. No wonder, with Zooza you and your clients have an overview. And it informs everyone about everything.

Why have a mailchimp as well

Do you also communicate with your course clients via email or sms? Canceled classes, other schedule changes, new course promo or Christmas wishes? With Zooza you have everything in one place.

Lecturer management and planning

Report of hours taught, rates or an overview of who is allowed. This also gives you an even better overview and makes planning your lessons even easier.