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In this section, you’ll find instructions on how to create a chicken offer to allow your clients to sign up. You are building your client database.

Creating offer

Creating team accesses


In this section you will learn how to create registrations, how to copy them, how to move them to other classes and groups. How to manage them so that you always have the settings you need.

Do you have a database of clients and need to import them into the system? Contact us. No problem.


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It is best to have personalised communication so that everyone knows when, where and what is going to happen. With Zooza, you can set this up very easily.


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Managing attendance and make-up lessons will be of interest to every instructor and administrator. The good news is that it’s simple and easy to understand for both tutors and clients.


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Life goes on and sometimes courses need to be completed so that new ones can begin. Here are some tips on how to handle it with more ease.

Here are some tips for specific situations that you may need to resolve quickly and easily. For example, using automation in Zooze.


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