How to use passes?

Types of passes

There are two types of passes in the app. Each of them has its own specificities and different possibilities of use. Choose which one suits you better.

Credit passes

How do credit passes work?

The credit pass works as a prepaid credit that the customer can use when signing up for lessons/events. It is linked to a specific registration and its purchase adds a payment to that registration in the amount of the purchased pass. Gradually, as the customer signs up for individual lesson/event dates, the unit price for the lesson/event is deducted from this payment – credit.
You can create a pass with different amounts of credit, which clients will use to pay for individual entries. You can set it to be valid for 1, 3 or 6 months, for example. You can use it for the course type – open registration, but also for a progression course, if you wish to use this option. When customer buy a pass, you can give him a discount (depending on the setup), for example, if they attend open lessons/events regularly. Then on the course you set the price per lesson/event, where just buying a pass can make the client work out cheaper.

This gives you some certainty that clients will come to the open lessons/events regularly and in a certain quantity, which you can better predict, and most importantly – you have your money paid in advance.

How to create a credit pass?

You create a pass as a PRODUCT for sale. Your customer can buy this product on your website in the registration/order form. Or the customer can select and purchase it in their profile. After registering for the selected course in which you have set this option, you will be offered the option to purchase a pass in your profile. The customer also has the option to purchase a pass at the reception, the receptionist has the option to assign the desired product to a specific registration.

How to create a credit pass.

Where can clients use the credit pass?

Passes can be used in combination with all types of courses – open, for a period of time and single. They can always use a portion of their prepaid credit in open courses on a term-by-term basis, and they can use the credit as a gift card in period/single courses.
The client purchases the pass for the course as such, but can use it in several groups within the selected course. In order for a client to be able to use a pass in multiple groups, the groups need to be linked. How to do this can be found in the manual How group linking works.

Entry passes

How do entry pasess work?

An entry pass is a pass that has a certain number of entries and the client is gradually counting down the entries by signing up for individual lessons/events. It is linked to the client and guarantees the number of purchased entries, which can be used for any registration. Entry means one lesson/event of the course. You determine the price of the entry pass arbitrarily regardless of the price of one lesson/event.

How to create a entry pass?

The procedure for creating an entry pass is the same as for a credit pass, except that you select a different type of item to sell. See the procedure for more information.

How to create a entry pass.

Where can you use your entry pass?

Passes can only be used in combination with the open course type. This is due to the fact that in them clients can choose one lesson/event at a time, i.e. the entry. It is also possible to use the pass in linked groups as in the case of a credit pass – look procedure above.

Also read how the client sees the entries in their profile.

Which type of pass do I need?

Example 1: You have lessons/events that cost 5€ and 8€. The customer purchases a credit pass worth 20€. So potentially he can visit four lessons/events worth five euros, or two lessons/events worth eight euros, or any combination of these lessons/events. If he registers, for example, for the third lesson/event in the amount of eight euros, his registration will be switched to the status of unpaid, with a debt of 4€.

Example 2: You have lessons/events that cost 5€ and 8€. The customer purchases entry pass for 4 entries. He can therefore visit any combination of the four lessons/events, regardless of their price. So if he attended two five-euro and two eight-euro lessons/events, he would have a total reimbursement of 26€ on his registration.

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