About Zooza

Viac zábavy s kurzami,
menej administratívy.

Automate Your Operations

Zooza automates sales, attendance, and communication, simplifying operations across multiple locations and product types, allowing your team to focus on growth.

Secure Your Data

Built with secure banking technology, Zooza ensures your data is safe and accessible, providing peace of mind.

Enhance Your Brand Seamlessly

Zooza seamlessly integrates with your brand, enhancing client relationships and maintaining brand consistency.

About Zooza

Viac zábavy s kurzami,
menej administratívy.

Expand Without Limits

Whether local or global, Zooza supports your growth with robust, scalable features and open API access.

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We have your back

You are not alone in this. Never.

Supporting the growth of your project is also in our interest, that’s why we create a simple product, easy to understand tutorials and on top of that, there will always be a PERSON there to give you a shoulder to put your worries on.


Do what you love about courses, not administration.



Lean on us, we’ve been here for over 7 years.

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Zooza has processed tens of thousands of registrations, payments and invoices.

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Michal Dodok

Founder of Zooza platform


Zooza was created in response to the amazing stories of people who pass on their knowledge and experience to those around them.

They support children in their personal growth, parents in their quest to provide the best for themselves and their children.

They support people who know that personal growth is the only sustainable way to make the most of their lives.

We are Zooza

Hey there!

We’re the Zooza team. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia and going strong for 7 years now. We’re all about our SaaS product, Zooza, which we’ve poured our hearts into. It’s straightforward: we’re here to make your business life easier. Let’s simplify things together!

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