Children’s language course project:
Zooza makes us look more professional

Helen Doron English and their franchises are very popular methods of teaching English to toddlers and children. They are playful, they are fun, they are methodical, they are effective. That’s why they are popular and one more thing, the lecturers are amazing. We are fascinated by them, how passionate they are about the children and they give me a piece of themselves.

The Helen Doron English branch in Zvolen is just such a franchise. It offers superior quality and builds relationships in its community, which is why it is enjoying continuous growth.

Organizing such a project, tutors, dozens of parents and children is not easy. Even though it is not the time to address the implementation of the system, it is essential for mental health and the desire to continue to respond to your passion with gusto and ease. The Helen Doron English Zvolen project also realised this.

Switching to a new system is not easy. How to do it?

There are always concerns and questions that come to mind, how will it turn out, how difficult will it be, will it help at all?

“I wasn’t looking for Zooza. Zooza found me. I didn’t want to get into any app, program, anything where you have to upload everything, start over somewhere. We have our own registration system where I have to throw each child on the course. I am our company’s bookkeeper myself, I have a program where I upload each child and assign payment. We had a spreadsheet with the tutors where we added the classes and the children and all the information about the children. It was laborious and the idea of embarking on anything else was daunting. I knew someone from Zooza would be doing an interest survey over the phone and I was determined to decline. Nevertheless, I didn’t refuse and changed my mind during the first phone call. Two things influenced me. The fact that my colleagues from other branches took the trouble to incorporate our needs into the program in such detail, they picked up the slack. The second thing that appealed to me, the trial was free. I thought that if someone had gone to such trouble to create a tailor-made programme for us, offering me to try it for free would be wrong of me to refuse,” admits Veronika Vanková from the Helen Doron English Zvolen Teaching Centre.

The transition to the new system is not easy, yes, but in the long run it is necessary. It’s like delaying the necessary, the longer something is delayed the more painful it can be. We know this, which is why we’re ready to help in the transition, and more importantly, we’ve done it dozens of times.

The project in Zooza may not be 100% up and running
to bring hours saving time and money

“With Zooza I have everything in one place, it’s a very comprehensive and clear app. Zooza makes us look more professional. People take us more seriously. In those groups and classes where I have already set up the functioning with Zooza, the discipline of payments, checking out and checking in has improved
out for hours.

Veronika Vankova
project owner from Helen Doron English Zvolen Teaching Centre

The Helen Doron Project is amazing and very valuable to the children, parents and communities around it.
We highly recommend the branch Helen Doron English Zvolen.


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