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How Helen Doron English Optimized Administrative Tasks and Focused on Growth with Zooza

Client Background:

  • Company Name: Helen Doron English Trnava and Veľké Zálužie
  • Industry: English Language Education
  • Location: Trnava and Veľké Zálužie, Slovakia
  • Company Size: Up to 200 clients. Provides English language courses for children from 3 months
  • Mission: To teach English to children as naturally as their mother tongue, fostering self-confidence and developing abilities through the Helen Doron method.


Problem Statement: Helen Doron English faced significant challenges in managing client registrations, payments, and attendance. Administrative overload and repetitive client queries hindered their ability to focus on growing the project and improving services.


Implementation of Zooza: Zooza was implemented to streamline administrative tasks and provide comprehensive management of Helen Doron English’s activities. Key features utilized include:

  • Online registration form and continuous groups
  • Attendance tracking with replacement lessons
  • Client profile with payment overview
  • One-off and hourly payments
  • Email and SMS communication
  • Scheduling of lessons and lecturers
  • Detailed reporting

Unique Features:

  • Automates manual processes previously managed manually
  • Provides insights into client and session dynamics through detailed statistics
  • Facilitates effective communication between administrators and clients

Basic Flow

  1. Client Registration: Parents register their children for English courses via an online registration form on the Helen Doron English website.
  2. Scheduling: The centre manager schedules classes using Zooza’s calendar tool, accommodating continuous groups.
  3. Automated Communication: Zooza sends confirmation emails and notifications to clients with session details.
  4. Attendance Tracking: Tutors use the Zooza app to mark attendance and manage replacement lessons.
  5. Client Management: The centre manager accesses the client database to view detailed profiles, including payment status and attendance records.
  6. Payment Processing: Zooza automates payment schedules and matches received payments, updating client profiles accordingly.
  7. Reporting: The centre manager generates detailed reports on attendance, payments, and tutor hours to monitor operational efficiency and performance.

Alternative Flows

  • Registration Errors: If a client inputs incorrect information during registration, Zooza notifies the administrator to correct the data.
  • Session Changes: If a class needs to be rescheduled, Zooza sends automated notifications to all affected clients.
  • Payment Issues: If a payment fails, Zooza alerts the administrator and the client to resolve the issue.


Quantifiable Success:

  • Time Savings: Significant reduction in time spent on administrative tasks, allowing more focus on course development.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automated systems improved the management of registrations, payments, and attendance.
  • Improved Communication: Easier and faster communication with clients and tutors.


Client Testimonials: Ivana Kubaská from Helen Doron English shared, “Zooza immediately sat down with the project. Until Zooza arrived, the project was plagued with the problem of administrative overload. With Zooza, we have much less phone calls and paperwork, freeing up time for new courses and client management.”

She further added, “Thanks to Zooza, we no longer have to communicate with clients individually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system provides basic operation and frees my hands for other activities.”



Summary and Future Outlook: The integration of Zooza has significantly optimized the operations of Helen Doron English Trnava and Veľké Zálužie, allowing the team to focus on enhancing their English language courses. The streamlined processes and improved administrative efficiency have contributed to the project’s ongoing success and growth.


Ivana Kubaská

Helen Doron Teaching Centre in Trnava

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” Thanks to Zooza we have much less phone calls, much less paperwork, which was really a lot, so I don’t have to go to bed at three o’clock at night anymore. We have time to focus on new things, on preparing new courses, and we’re looking forward to taking on new clients. “

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