Climbing academy project:
Zooza facilitates communication. The system is clear for clients

The Climbing Academy is an amazing project that is dedicated to the topic of climbing. He also supports and represents Slovakia in various climbing competitions in his community. They prepare camps, workshops and regular courses.

We have been working together for many years and it was wonderful to learn more about the stories that this project represents.

“Zooza has been helping us for several years in managing training and attendance. Since we have been using Zooza, it has become easier for us to communicate with clients, as the attendance and payment system is clear for them as well.” explains Andrea Čepcová, founder of the Climbing Academy project and continues,
“Zooza is constantly evolving and surprising us with new improvements. In many ways it makes our work easier and we especially appreciate the support and their communication, where they respond to our suggestions almost immediately.”

The project from Zooza mainly uses:

  • Registration form
  • Registration calendar
  • Continuous groups
  • Client database with filtering
  • Attendance with replacement lessons
  • Client profile with payment overview
  • One-off payments
  • Hourly payments for open hours
  • Email and SMS communication
  • Scheduling of venues and lecturers
  • Reporting