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How Lamač in Motion Optimized Administrative Tasks and Focused on Growth with Zooza

Client Background:

  • Company Name: Lamač in Motion
  • Industry: Community Physical Activities
  • Location: Lamač, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Company Size: Up to 400 clients. Serves a diverse community from kindergarteners to seniors
  • Mission: To provide a variety of physical activities that promote development and growth across all age groups.


Problem Statement: Lamač in Motion faced significant challenges in managing registrations, payments, attendance, and overall organization due to the complexity and diversity of their courses. Manual processes were time-consuming and inefficient, hindering their ability to focus on growth and quality.


Implementation of Zooza: Zooza was integrated to streamline administrative tasks and provide comprehensive management of the project’s diverse activities. Key features utilized by Lamač in Motion include:

  • Registration form and continuous groups
  • Attendance tracking with replacement lessons
  • Client profile with payment overview
  • One-off and hourly payments
  • Email and SMS communication
  • Scheduling of venues and lecturers
  • Detailed reporting

Unique Features:

  • Automates manual processes previously managed with spreadsheets
  • Provides insights into project dynamics through statistics and growth tracking
  • Facilitates quick and effective communication between developers and users

Basic Flow

  1. Client Registration: Parents register their children for activities using an online registration form integrated on the Lamač in Motion website.
  2. Scheduling: The administrator schedules sessions using Zooza’s calendar tool, accommodating continuous groups.
  3. Automated Communication: Zooza sends confirmation emails and SMS notifications to clients with session details.
  4. Attendance Tracking: Instructors use the Zooza app to mark attendance and manage replacement lessons.
  5. Client Management: The administrator accesses the client database to view detailed profiles, including payment status and attendance records.
  6. Payment Processing: Zooza automates payment schedules and matches received payments, updating client profiles with payment details.
  7. Reporting: The administrator generates detailed reports on attendance, payments, and instructor hours to monitor efficiency and performance.

Alternative Flows

  • Registration Errors: If a client inputs incorrect information during registration, Zooza notifies the administrator to correct the data.
  • Session Changes: If a session needs to be rescheduled, Zooza sends automated notifications to all affected clients.
  • Payment Issues: If a payment fails, Zooza alerts the administrator and the client to resolve the issue.


Quantifiable Success:

  • Time Savings: Significant reduction in time spent on administrative tasks, allowing more focus on project development.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automated systems improved the management of registrations, payments, and attendance.
  • Improved Communication: Easier and faster communication with clients and instructors.


Client Testimonials: Martin Pach shared, “Zooza saves a lot of time and most of the administration is done by the system itself. It helps me understand the dynamics of the whole project through statistics, growth, and communication.”

He further added, “The system provides basic operation and frees my hands for other activities.”



Summary and Future Outlook: The integration of Zooza has significantly optimized the operations of Lamač in Motion, allowing the team to focus on enhancing their diverse range of physical activities. The streamlined processes and improved administrative efficiency have contributed to the project’s ongoing success and growth.


Martin Pach

Lamač in motion

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” The Zooza offer caught me depressed about not being able to handle all the organisation of sign-ups, payments, check-ins, attendance, etc. The friendliness of the Zooza system convinced me to start cooperation. It saves a lot of time and most of the administration is done by the system itself. “

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