Language school project:
Zooza has improved our overview even though we are not a completely standard language school

Great people run a successful language school in Trnava. BrainyJAM Trnava is a project that appeals to many young and inquisitive people from Trnava and the surrounding area. Professional success and demonstrable achievements, combined with a pleasant atmosphere, ensure that there is constant interest in the language school’s services and their courses.

“We were looking for a system for registration, timetables, a list of lecturers, and for an overall overview, we started thinking when we exceeded a certain number of students and got to a point where we were overwhelmed by searching for basic information in paper form, which was delaying us a lot.

Since there are no coincidences, a Facebook ad about just such a system “accidentally” jumped out at me.

It was very nice and funny at the same time when I asked for initial information about the system and the namesake, Mr. Rapavý, wrote back. And it went smoothly despite the menu.” reveals the owner of the project PaedDr. Erika Rapavá – BrainyJAM Trnava – Language center for courses, translations, tutoring.

The process of integrating Zooza into life was not entirely typical. The mere fact that one of the founders of Zoozy has the last name of the owner of the BrainyJAM Trnava – language center project indicated that it would be a special connection.

Since it is a relatively large school, the transition to the system was gradual.

  1. We verified that the system fits the needs of both group and individual lessons from the point of view of the client, the lecturer and the owner.
  2. We tested the integration on smaller groups.
  3. We have trained dozens of lecturers in joint training
  4. We launched Zooza into full operation and are gradually using more and more functionalities.

What is the result of the cooperation?

The cooperation is inspiring for us and we are glad that Zooza is able to meet expectations and gradually bring new ways of use.

“Zooza improved our overview of students, courses, and lecturers. Since we are not exactly a standard language school, but we have a lot of completely tailor-made courses, we have probably prepared a few tidbits for the team at Zooza as well. But we like the patient approach of the Zooza team.”

PaedDr. Erika Rapavá
BrainyJAM Trnava – Language Centre
for courses, translations, tutoring
project owner

Development for the project continues

We kept the first year to absolutely master the system for our needs and catch the “flies”. Gradually we want to learn invoicing as well. What can we do now thanks to Zooza? We have not yet achieved 100% of the main goal of attending to clients and lecturers personally. Not that we neglect them, but it still takes a lot of time for us to repeatedly introduce students and lecturers to the system. After all, such a system was a shock even for our “regulars” as well as lecturers. However, it helped us a lot that clients and lecturers no longer call us directly, that the flow of questions is gradually moving to Zooza. And if they call in person, it is to set the course or advise the course, which is then a pleasant job. Every change takes time, so we are not in a hurry, but we learn gradually. After all, we are in school 😊.” concludes Erika Rapavá.

After our experience with the language school and the owners, we can only recommend the project more at

The project from Zooza mainly uses:

  • Registration form
  • Continuous groups
  • Collection basket for individual lessons
  • Collection basket for group and company lessons
  • Attendance with replacement lessons
  • Automatic planning of an individual schedule
  • Client profile
  • Email and SMS communication
  • Scheduling of venues and lecturers
  • Reporting


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