Dynamic tags

When creating templates, we’ve created a feature that will speed up communication with your customers. In order to make the automatic communication effective and at the same time still relevant, i.e. with specific information about the course, the time and the location of the group your client has subscribed to, we use so-called dynamic tags. These help to pull the right information into the email.

You can also use them and if you want to add some information to one of the templates, you can select a dynamic tag via the Tags icon in the text formatting panel. When you click on the icon, you will see a full list of dynamic tags with their explanation for better navigation and to minimize any mistakes.

Attention! Some dynamic tags can only be applied to certain templates, so care must be taken when selecting the template and the tags themselves.

For registrations

Each email that is sent for a specific registration allows you to dynamically fill in customer data through dynamic tags. At the time the email is sent, zooza replaces these tags with specific values.

*|COURSE_PRICE|* Course price The current price for the course is always used. If the group has its own price, the price for the group shall be used 20,00 €
*|REGISTRATION_VALUE|* The value of the registration at the time of its creation. If the amount due on a registration changes, for example due to discounts or a payment plan, this amount indicates the original full amount – the value of the registration derived from its group. 20,00 €
*|AFFILIATE_ID|* ID of the partner who facilitated the registration 12345
*|REGISTRATION_ID|* Registration number 12345
*|REGISTRATION_STATUS|* Registration status registered
*|REGISTRATION_FEE|* Registration fee. If it is not listed on the registration, it is made up from the course. 30 €
*|VARIABLE_SYMBOL|* Variable symbol used for payment. As a rule, this is the registration number. 12345
*|COMPANY|* Your company name My company Ltd.
*|COURSE_PLACE|* The place where the course takes place. The name is composed of room and location data Big hall, Free time center, 323 Green Lane, Edinburgh
*|COURSE_PLACE_ID|* Location ID 123
*|COURSE_ROOM_ID|* Room ID 456
*|COURSE_PID|* Unique combination of location and room 123_456
*|COURSE_NAME|* Course name – group name Exercising with babies – MINI1
*|COURSE_DATE_DAY|* Day of the course Monday
*|COURSE_SUMMARY|* Start time of the course together with the date 13. 5. 13.9.2023 at 15:00
*|COURSE_TIME|* Course start time 14:00
*|COURSE_PAYMENT|* Course price derived from registration. If there is no amount on the registration, the price on the course is made up. 135 €
*|CURRENT_BALANCE|* The current balance on the client’s account – his registration. The balance can be both plus and minus. -30 €
*|SCHEDULE_DURATION|* Course duration in hours 15:00
*|SCHEDULE_NAME|* Group name (without course name) Butterflies, tuesdays at 17:00
*|SCHEDULED_AT_DATE|* Communicates the date when the installment (debt) is due on the registration. 10
*|FIRST_NAME|* Client name John
*|QR_CODE|* Applies only under the following conditions: amount due entered on registration, IBAN and SWIFT code entered on the course/company. Picture with QR code
*|IBAN|* The bank account to which the customer should make the payment. If specified at the course level, this value is used GB54BARC20039545449825
*|COURSE_DATE_START_END|* Start and end date of the course 14. 5. 2022 – 14. 8. 2022
*|COURSE_TRAINER|* Lecturer’s name John Winslow
*|USER_ID|* Customer User ID 12345
*|WIDGET_VIDEO_URL|* Url address to view the video https://www.zooza.sk/video?token=12345
*|WIDGET_PROFILE_URL|* Url address to view profile https://www.zooza.sk/profil?token=12345
*|EF_DOB|* Extra field – date of birth 13. 4. 2000
*|EF_FULL_NAME|* Extra field – full name John Winslow
*|EF_ADDRESS|* Extra field – Address 65 Wood Lane, Bristol
*|EF_BUSINESS_NAME|* Extra field – Company name Zooza
*|EF_BUSINESS_ADDRESS|* Extra field – Company address 65 Wood Lane, Bristol
*|EF_BUSINESS_ID|* Extra field – ID number 123456
*|EF_TAX_ID|* Extra field – TIN 1234546
*|EF_VAT|* Extra field – VAT ID number 123456
*|IS_BUSINESS_ORDER|* The tag that determines whether a registration is on company or not 1
*|TURN_OFF_EVENT_NOTIFICATIONS_URL|* Url address to turn off morning notifications. This tag only works in the Morning Reminders template  
*|CANCELED_CONFIRMATION_URL|* Url address for opting-out from the term. This tag only works in the Morning Reminders template  
*|ALLOW_REPLACEMENTS|* Indicates whether replacement hours are available for registration 1
*|FULL_NAME|* Client’s full name Raymond Robbins
*|EVENT_NAME|* Name of the term (does not include the name of the course or the name of the group). The tag is only available for term reminder and reminder of upcoming terms. Individual lesson, Cambridge
*|EVENT_DATE|* Date of the term (only available for reminder of the terms) 14. 5. 2021
*|EVENT_PLACE|* Venue of the term
This tag only works in the Morning Reminders template
Big hall, Free time center, 323 Green Lane, Edinburgh
*|EVENT_DATE_DAY|* Day of the term (available for term reminder only) Monday
*|EVENT_TIME|* Term time (available for term reminder only) 14:30
*|EVENT_COURSE|* The name of the course in which the term is located. The tag is only available for term reminder and reminder of upcoming terms. Summer camp 07/2023
*|EVENT_TRAINER|* It contains the name of the lecturer (main), which is specified at the lesson/event level. Available for the upcoming lesson/event notification email template. Suzan Winslow
*|DEFAULT_COURSE_PRICE|* The value of the Course price if the group price is equal to 0, if not, the Group price is displayed 34,43 €
*|DEBT|* Debt registration value. But if there is no debt on the registration, it will display the same as the DEFAULT_COURSE_PRICE tag 100 €
*|DUE_DATE|* Communicates the due date for payment 33 €

Conditioning tags

You can also use conditional tags in your templates. For example, if you accept business orders, you can add a conditional block to your template to confirm to the customer that you are recording their registration as a business and will send them an invoice shortly.

IF If the condition is true *|IF:BUSINESS_ORDER|*
content if yes
content if not
content if yes
content if registration status
content if not

Conditioning tags

= Equals
!= It does not equal
> Larger
< Smaller
>= Larger or equal
<= Smaller or equal


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