Types of registrations fo the Ongoing courses

In the case of a ongoing course, customers register for all dates in the group at the same time.

Registration options

Normal registration

If the group has not yet started, each registration will proceed in standard mode. Thus, after registration, the client’s payment is expected and the client is automatically subscribed to the group of his choice.

Waiting list

If the capacity of the group is full, the registrations will be switched to the waiting list mode. Such customers receive a different notification email and are not expected to pay for the course. On the contrary, customers expect you to reach out to them and offer them a different group, or directly create a new group and move them into it.

Late registration

Once a group starts, regardless of whether it is full or not, all registrations are automatically classified as late. Similar to a waiting list, you will be expected to communicate with the customer and negotiate payment terms and their joining an already established group or other suitable solution.

Registration status

Každá registrácia obsahuje ikonu, ktorá ukazuje o aký typ sa jedná.

Pozor! Stav vzniku registrácie je vždy posledný záznam, predchádzajúce záznamy/zmeny sa prepíšu.


Registrácia vznikla manuálne administrátorom priamo v aplikácii.


Registráciu si vytvoril sám klient cez registračný formulár na webovej stránke organizátora.


Administrátor aplikácie použil funkciu kopírovania registrácie a tým sa registrácia klienta skopírovala do ďalšieho kurzu.


V aplikácii bola použitá funkcia presunúť registráciu a tým sa registrácia klienta presunula do iného kurzu/skupiny.


Each registration, in addition to its main status (Registered, Waitlisted, Late Registration), also has a billing status.


Typically this is a new registration that has not yet been paid. Payment status does not affect whether or not a customer can attend a course. It’s purely up to you and your setup whether you want to have the money upfront before the course starts, or if you’re also comfortable collecting money from customers on an ongoing basis.

Partially reimbursed

Registration whose debt has not been settled in full. Typically, this may be the case where you and the client have agreed on two or three instalments of the full amount of the course.


The best condition. The customer paid everything.

Paid more

This also happens. If the customer sends more money than needed, the system will automatically highlight this and notify the customer as well.

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