About Project

We love personal development, lecturers and projects that are above average in quality. That’s why we decided to create the Zooza app, which can make the whole process of registration, management, organization and communication between organizers and clients easier. Zooza has been operating on the Slovak market since 2016.
It started as an app to create, manage and organize courses and exercises for children. 

The first client was the project of Sasha Ragas – Baby Balance, whose work we admire to this day. We got to know many projects and people who are bringing a huge change to Slovakia and an opportunity to have a more beautiful and richer life. We decided to do more for them, to support them and spread their good news through the Zooza platform.

Why did we create the Zooza platform?

We believe that personal growth is the most important mission of people and finding the right one in the best quality should be very, very easy.

We are parents ourselves and we wanted the best for ourselves and our children. It wasn’t until we realised that we had such good insight that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Martin Rapavý

creator and co-founder of the platform

I am currently studying graphics and design.
At Zooza, I create Zooza applications from the point of view of code and graphics.

Michal Dodok

co-founder of the platform

I love personal development, lecturers and projects that are above average in quality. I am fascinated by the people, creators of courses and meetings that I get to know thanks to Zooza. I feel that my work has meaning, especially when it is supported by sincere thanks for saving time or improving the quality of our clients’ services. I am honored to be a part of this great change in learning and finding my gifts. It has tremendous power. Thank you.

Zuzka Vartík

careful support creating useful projects

Being part of Zooza is like being part of our clients’ projects. I love being able to create, to be there when new things are created and to be able to help where needed. I find working on projects really fulfilling, so I love being able to be really close to my clients and look after their needs. Then we can co-create new ones and simplify old ones. This process is as beautiful as life itself, and therefore I thank you for the opportunity to make Zooza better.

Vladimír Tkáč

discoverer of new projects

At Zooza, I meet a lot of successful projects, where we discuss their problems and current challenges. Sometimes I become a motivator in their difficult moments and I know that I have a solution for them thanks to Zooza. It is thanks to this platform that I found something that I can improve myself in, either from the technical or human side. I am glad to be part of this project.

Bianka Andrejcová

explorer of beautiful projects

Thanks to this work I can move and improve my qualities and skills. Flexible working hours allow me to work alongside my studies. Zooza is the future. This company is a great asset because it can facilitate a lot of duties and thus can increase the productivity of our clients’ work. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Zooza.

Silvia Dolínková


I am educating myself mainly in personal growth and finance. At Zooza, I guard the value it creates with the goals we set for ourselves.

Dáška Andrejcová

welcomes and supports new clients

Zooza helps course creators to save time that they would have to spend on administration, which they can now use to improve their project, take care of their relationship with their community, or devote themselves and their family. I’m happy about that. Daily interaction with inspiring people, as well as significantly moving beyond my comfort zone when it comes to using modern technology, are huge benefits for me. I am extremely grateful to the creators of Zooza for this opportunity, as well as for the meaningful reason why this project was created in the first place.

Katka Babiaková

master in processes and training

Thanks to Zooza, I enrich MYSELF daily with new knowledge and insights and expose myself to challenges. I do this with joy and gratitude, as I can then get to know and support those whose work I admire.

Why use the Zooza platform?

First of all, use it as inspiration for yourself. Save your administrative time with 100% technical support from our team.

Try Zooza for FREE

We know that the beginnings are difficult and that is why we want to help you by taking you through the first phase and into the first 10 clients, you can use the application free of charge.

Be there for your clients

Since the Zooza application is fully integrated with your website, your clients can conveniently purchase a program or course online. They can pay simply by card or bank transfer. It's safe.

Unlimited possibilities

The only thing that matters is the number of your clients. The other uses are virtually unlimited. From the number of accesses, locations where you meet, online space for your videos or study materials, reports, courses or dates to a sufficient number of e-mails and SMS. The system will not restrict you in any way. And if you do, let us know, we're ready to listen where you need to grow.