Adding 2 lecturers per group

Do you have 2 lecturers in one group, or a main lecturer and his assistant?

The first lecturer is added when the group is created. A group is added by clicking on the Create new group button in the details of the specific course for which the group is being created

In the basic settings while creating a new group select 1. lecturer from the offer of lecturers. The lecturer can be changed later in the group settings.

Then in the group settings you have the option to add a second lecturer. Click on Groups. Find and click on the group you want to set up and scroll down to “Additional lecturers”. Click on Add additional lecturer

The role of the lecturer should be selected only according to the name that fits your course and the type of lecturers´s cooperation. The choice of role has no effect on the administration. This name is also displayed in the group details for the client.

You can decide if you want to add secondary lecturer on:

  • all terms
  • on upcoming terms
  • only on the group (not on terms)

For lecturers, you can also use rate functionality. Thus, you can calculate rewards for lecturers within the app. You will especially appreciate this setting if you have multiple lecturers working at different intensities. Please refer to the instructions for more information.

If you want to to calculate rewards in lecturer reports for the secondary lecturer, he has to be added to some terms (all or upcoming)

Save your settings

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