Creating terms in groups

You create the specific terms of your courses after you create the course and group(s).

Creating terms for open and rolling courses – for the period

To add terms, select the group you want to populate with terms via the Courses/Groups tab.

  • click on the Terms tab and then on the button Add terms

If you have created terms before and saved the template, you can use it the next time you create terms or enter terms manually.

Manually creating a group of terms

Click the Add terms button to display a menu for entering the date and time of the date.

If you wish to repeat the term in time, tick the Repeat option. An additional menu will open:

Repetition of terms

You can choose from two ways to repeat dates:

  1. By date: In this case, select a date and the system will automatically fill in the terms based on the selected recurrence frequency (daily, weekly, etc.)
  2. Number of repeats: enter the number of terms you want to create and the system will automatically create terms at the selected frequency and therefore determine the date of the last term automatically.

Frequency of repetition

Depending on your needs, choose whether you want to repeat the terms daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Overview of terms

When the system creates terms, it automatically visualizes them on the timeline:

On the timeline you can see weekends as well as holidays. You have an option to tick a checkboxes – Skip holidays and skip scool breaks and system will automatically skip them.
You can also delete manually inappropriate terms from the list of terms, by clicking on the Bin icon

Note: Once you change the term settings in the left bar again, the terms will be re-created so the term you deleted can reappear in the list.

Delete a group of terms

In the left bar there is a button with a trash can icon. Click on this icon to delete all terms created in this group.

Saving a group of terms

When you have finished entering the terms, continue by pressing the OK button. The left bar will switch to the original view and at the top you will see a summary of the terms you have just created:

Now you can confirm the created terms with the Create Terms button. The system will add them to the group and the window will automatically close.

However, if you want to add more terms, continue as you did at the beginning by clicking on Add terms or by clicking on the template.

Creating terms from templates

If you create some term groups frequently, you can save their settings as a template. When creating terms, there is a Save as Template button in the left-hand bar. When you click this button, the app will prompt you to give it a name:

This template will then be displayed in the template list. Clicking on its name will automatically create a new group of terms with the same settings that were saved in the template.

Template management

You can rename and delete templates. The templates are stored in your profile, so your colleagues won’t see them and you can create up to 100 of them.

Making terms for lectures and one-off courses

It runs very similarly to the progression courses, but with a few minor differences.

  • The left bar always shows only the date and time
  • It is not possible to create more than one term
  • Term settings cannot be saved as a template, nor can a template be used to create a term.

Creating a free term

Creating a free term can be used if you want to compensate a client for an unused replacement lesson (of course, this is done by mutual agreement) or if you want to compensate them for other reasons.

To make a free term, please do the following:

  • in the list of registrations, click on the registration detail of the client to whom you want to assign a free term
  • click on the tab called Credits and Replacement lessons
  • click on the Create credit for registration button
  • select the benefit type – Free Term and click on the Create button

Make your settings for the free term:

  • you can Change the expiration date
  • Make the replacement lesson settings – in which courses and groups can client aply his free term
    • Within this course, but in all groups
    • by your own choice
    • the group where the client is registered only