Who is the king of the group?

Group King is a functionality that allows clients to manage the attendance of all registrations on a given group.

Attention! You can only register for this functionality in a group course where custom replacement hours are allowed. You can think of it as something like a class president who, by agreement, will make the necessary arrangements. In this case, he or she may drop you all from the appointment at once and then sign you up for a make-up lesson.

Managing attendance is limited to registrations in a group that also has a person registered as a king. You can enter one king or more at a time on a group.

The group king can be any valid client registration. This means that the function refers to the registration and not to the person. So if one client has multiple registrations in different groups and only one of them is set as king, he can only manage registrations from that one group.

Once you set up a group king in administration, all other registrations do not have the ability to log in separately for alternate hours. It is the king who administers this for them. Participants can also opt out individually.

Where do you set the group king function?

In the application, search for the desired registration and click on the Attendance tab. Then click the Set as King of the group button.

If there is already a group king set up on the group, this information will be displayed on any registration from the same group.
You can also remove the group king by clicking on the Remove as King of the group button.

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