Collecting the reason for opting out of the term

Due to the pandemic situation, we have developed the ability to collect reasons for opting out of classes from customers. Why they are checking out of individual terms.

They can then choose from the following three options when opting out:

  • Sickness
  • Traveling away
  • Without giving a reason

The actual collection of opt-out reasons must be activated. Without activation, nothing changes for customers.

How do I manually record reasons for logging out in the app?

There are two places in the app where you can record the reasons for opting out:

  1. On the registration details in the Attendance tab
  2. On the details of the term

You can record the reasons manually. Unless recording the reasons is enabled in the profile, clients will not see the reason logging form.

Note: Clients do not see the actual reason for opting out under any circumstances. Regardless of whether the collection of reasons is activated or not.

How to activate collecting reasons in the client profile?

In the Settings tab, click Registration Forms, under Profile.

Under Reason for opting out, select one of the three options:

The biggest difference between the other two options is that in the first case, the reason for opting out is mandatory and the customer has to enter it in order to opt out. In the second case, the submission of the reason for opting-out is voluntary.

Collecting the reason for opting out before opting out of the term

At the time the customer chooses to opt-out, a form will be displayed prompting the customer to enter a reason.

The customer chooses one of the options and clicks the opt-out button to opt-out of the term

Collecting the reason for opting out after opting out of the term

The same procedure is repeated when collecting the reason after logging out, except that the client is logged out first and the form is displayed afterwards.

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