How to use the client profile?

You know, the recurring questions from clients about it,

  • when the meeting is,
  • how much should I pay,
  • when I can get a replacement,
  • arrange the space and the lecturer
  • sudden illnesses and cancellations
  • suddenly cancelled classes and transfers
  • forgot to pay if
  • they forgot to come
  • etc.

With Zooza, you can send a client straight to their profile on your site.

Each of your clients has a profile on your website where they can find:

  • list of registrations and your children
  • attendance and list of dates
  • possibility to opt out or choose a replacement lesson
  • notification report
  • the status of payments and their timetable
  • invoice for download
  • information about changes (also to email)
  • secured videos or attendance records or
  • additional information about the lessons

And what is the best?

The client profile is in your colours. At no point does the client leave your site. And that’s really exceptional.

Your clients will especially appreciate it

It’s much nicer for them to opt out of a lesson with one click than to pester a tutor.

Katarína from Bratislava answers a question from the feedback on the administration of our client’s project and adds 5 stars: “Easy and quick to navigate on the site, in the profile, as well as opting in and out of classes. I highlight the express communication in case something needed to be finished.”

Other tasks are also easier and more accessible through the system and your own profile. At the same time, consider it a professional extension of the courses and services you offer.

Plus, you and your trainers will have more time to focus on other topics and developing relationships with clients, not on paperwork and hassles.

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