How to work with billing periods?

Billing periods are used for better orientation and overview in which period the courses were held and therefore invoiced to the client. From an accounting point of view, this may be a fundamental setting. As you will be able to record individual invoices according to this classification. This billing record is mainly for your better categorization of groups over time, but it also allows substitutions within courses and carryover of replacement lessons between periods. This setting will make it clearer and easier for you to work with the application.

How and when to use billing periods?

You set the billing periods according to your needs. For a practical application of the different types of billing periods, here are some examples.

Exercise for children

I am a children’s exercise organiser and I offer classes for 3 months, per trimester. I set the following billing periods for such courses:

  • Autumn 2024 – Group exercises
  • Winter 2025 – Group exercises
  • Spring 2025 – Group exercises

However, I also offer individual lessons, which I want to have separated by billing periods for clarity. I don’t need a trimester division for individual lessons.

  • Calendar year 2024 – Individual lessons
  • Calendar year 2025 – Individual lessons

Language courses

I am an organizer of language courses for children and for adults, which last the whole school year, i.e. from September to June of the following year. I set the following billing periods for such courses:

  • 2023/2024 – children
  • 2023/2024 – adults
  • 2024/2025 – children
  • 2024/2025 – adults

I also offer camps for children in the summer and will create a separate billing period for these camps

  • Summer Camps 2024

How to create and manage billing periods can be found in the tutorial.

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