Sending email/SMS to clients

For effective communication with your clients, you can use the possibilities offered by the application itself. This way of communication is quick and easy.

The biggest advantage is that you can find every sent and received e-mail/SMS in the client details or in the message overview, so you know exactly what was communicated and when.

Overview of messages

To view the total communication for all your clients, please follow these steps:

  • click on the Communication tab and then on the Messages Overview option

In the message overview, messages can be filtered by:

  • email or phone number,
  • type – received-emails, sent-emails, SMS messages,
  • templates – by the name of the message template,
  • condition – unread, to do, solved

and sort them from newest or oldest.

Clicking on the client’s email will take you to the details of the communication with the selected client.

You can also access this communication detail on the other side by searching for a specific registration and then clicking on the Communication button in the Communication section.

In this section you have the possibility to send a new message (the procedure can be found at the end of this manual) and the possibility to view the history of sent e-mails/SMS, the possibility of filtering, view the content of sent and received messages, an overview of whether the messages have been read or handled by you.

A red ball with a number directly in the menu indicates whether you have received a new message from a client.

When you click on the bullet, you will see a list of unread messages. To view a specific message, you need to click on the client’s email.

Sending messages

The procedure for sending emails and SMS is the same, please follow the following steps:

  • click on the Communication tab and then on the Send Email/Send SMS
  • Select a message type – custom or from a preset template
  • check the Promotional email/Promotional SMS box if your message is an advertising message. This setting will cause that if any client is unsubscribed from receiving advertising messages, they will not receive them. Unsubscribing of advertising messages is set in the registration details of each client.
  • select the group of clients you want to send the message to

Note: Each time you make a selection, the system will prompt you for further specification. For example. if you select a specific group, you will be prompted to select which group.

  • Click Next

In the next step, you have the option to edit a preset message or compose a new one. This screen is customised based on your previous selection. Then you need to click on the Next/Continue button.

You will then be taken to a summary screen where you can check your selections.

Click the Send Message button to send your message.

Note: To check each sent email, we recommend that you include your email.

How to send email/SMS to one client?

You also have this option in the procedure described above, but that procedure assumes that you know the email to which you want to communicate.

When communicating to a specific client, proceed as follows:

  • in the Registrations tab, click on the name of the client you want to communicate to.
  • in the client registration details, click on the E-mail or SMS button in the Communication section, or click on Communication

When you click the Email and SMS buttons, the recipient’s details will automatically fill-in in the next screen.

The next procedure for sending an email/SMS is identical to the one described above. Please follow it.