How inter-company replacement lessons work

By default, the client can only choose replacement lessons within the company where he/she attends the course and has a valid registration.

However, in the case of companies that have multiple branches, it is possible to set up clock substitution between them as well. This means that the client will be able to take his/her replacement lesson at a different branch of the company than the one he/she attends the regular course (home branch).

This setup is mainly for franchise types of companies. Alternatively, for companies that have agreed this type of cooperation between them.

The whole setup process consists of three parts:

  1. Linking companies
  2. Setting the permission to use replacement lessons
  3. Setting the conditions for the use of replacement lessons

See the documentation for a full description of how to set this up.

In practice, this means that the client will be offered a range of dates within the profile within which they can apply for replacement lessons. Of course this choice is influenced by the conditions set directly on the course.

The fact that the client chooses a termt from a branch other than his home branch – where he has created a registration – is informed by a text alert at the given term. You are also notified of this fact in the administration. Either at the home branch or at the branch where the alternate date is selected.

Client data protection is a matter of course. This is in the sense that the home branch sees that the client has selected hours at another branch, but does not see the location, time or other data. However, you also have the option to cancel the replacement lesson and book another one at your branch.

At a branch other than your home branch, you can see the client with their basic details (name, extension, email), where they came to you from and the ability to record their actual attendance for the term. Other options such as cancellation, entering payment, changing data or similar are not allowed.

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