Smart meeting planner for language schools

Save hours of work and further satisfy both clients and lecturers with automated scheduling. Suitable for individual lessons, group or corporate clients. Easy to use with no need to change your current system.

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Enjoy the unique solution

We made it as a demand from many language schools whose systems did not support the ability to automatically schedule calendars and take into account many specifics and requirements. Thanks to Zooza you will save time, have 95% fewer phone calls and at the same time fill your capacity efficiently without additional effort with 100% overview of your courses.

Best of all, you don’t need to change your current course sales or management system. Think of it as an extension just for your automated lesson planning needs. We’ll fix the price for you.

Substitutes for terms & self-service

Our automatic lesson planner is a revolutionary innovation that saves time and effort for lecturers and clients. It allows for automatic and efficient lesson management, eliminating the need for phone calls between lecturers and clients. Clients can easily select another available session in the event of a lesson cancellation, which increases the satisfaction of all parties involved and optimizes capacity utilization. The entire system is based on self-service functionality, which ensures a smooth and satisfying flow of your lessons.

Managing courses for corporate clients with ease

For corporate clients, we have expanded our service and introduced a new role of “group king” who serves as a client representative and scheduler. This fully automated and self-service role minimises the administrative burden on the language school. The Group King is responsible for scheduling and coordinating language lessons for a corporate group. This system increases client and lecturer satisfaction and allows for efficient use of time in the company, strengthening relationships with our corporate clients.

Reporting and overview

We have developed a robust system for generating reports and summaries that provide detailed information on lesson progress, student participation and assessments. These reports serve as a valuable tool for administrators and course planners, who can keep everything under control and not miss a thing.

Thanks to these reports, the language agency owners have a complete view of the functioning and performance of the language school. They gain important information on the number of clients, capacity utilisation, financial statistics and other relevant data that helps them in their decision-making process and planning for future actions.

In this way, we ensure transparency and clarity in the functioning of the language centre and enable all stakeholders to take the necessary steps to improve and optimise performance.

You will immediately feel

More clients*

You will get more completed registrations thanks to a simple form with a clear offer. Along with the copy registration options, you won't lose either.

80% less administration*

Paperwork, spreadsheets and manual entries are now a thing of the past. The registration form records everything reliably, so you get a perfect overview of your courses.

95% fewer unnecessary questions*

All the essentials are included in your new client profile on your website, where they are clearly available for your clients. This will give you space for more substantial tasks.

Better money collection*

Sometimes parents forget, sometimes the project escapes from sight. Zooza gives you insight and help even on this sensitive topic.

*Based on feedback from clients.


Notification system

All parties are automatically notified of material information.


Mobile solution

From client to admin, everything is mobile accessible.

Rates and rewards

Finally an overview of the remuneration according to the actual hours worked by the lecturer.

Easily configurable

First and foremost, Zooza is a people-first system that is easy to use.